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SJAU - Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University - Eng. Nasibeh Pouti

 SJAU - Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University

Wednesday 29 September 2021ساعت: 01:17:58

Eng. Nasibeh Pouti

Personal information and educational background:

Name: Nasibeh Pouti

Email Address: pouti.np@gmail.com

Faculty of Information Technology Department

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Row Degree Year Major University
1 Bachelor - Industrial Engineering University of Science and Technology
2 Master - Information Technology Management in major Advanced Information Systems Allameh Tabatabai University

Professional background and executive activities:

  1. Pasargad Bank Financial and Accounting Systems Analyst, Pasargad Arian Information Technology Co
  2. Management of knowledge management software system of Sayeran Telecommunication Industries Co
  3. Master of Technology and Knowledge Development, Saeiran Telecommunication Industries Co
  4. Lecturer and Supervisor of Tehran University of Applied Sciences, and Payame Noor Parand University
  5. Faculty member of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University
  6. Supervisor of Information Technology Department, Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University
  7. Member of Asadabad Cyberspace Organizing Council, Representative of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University
  8. Head of the Central Library of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University
  9. Member of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University University Special Cases Investigation Commission

Executive Projects:

  1. Planning of industrial units of Absal factory
  2. Work and time evaluation (timing) of Iran Khodro engine manufacturing unit
  3. Investigation of the production process of Peugeot hub and crankshaft of the pumping factory
  4. Economic Feasibility Study of Iran ICT Implementation Based on a Comparative Study with the Virginia Corridor of Virtual Systems Processing Company
  5. Detection of stereolithography technique in rapid sampling using tick tick clock SLA system
  6. Using RP DSS system to select the appropriate fast prototyping fan to build the car windshield of Iran Khodro prototyping unit
  7. Analysis and localization of knowledge management software of Sayeran Telecommunication Industries Company, Shahid Beheshti Telecommunication Research Institute
  8. Compilation of knowledge map of Sayeran Telecommunication Industries Company of Shahid Beheshti Telecommunication Research Institute
  9. Compilation of a comprehensive system and strategic document for the knowledge management of Sayeran with the information technology approach of Shahid Beheshti Telecommunication Research Institute

Specialized Projects:

  1. LC method analysis in international exchanges Analysis of structured information systems
  2. Predicting the number of Internet users in Iran using artificial neural networks Artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic
  3. Presenting the internal evaluation model of the departments of the Faculty of Management and Accounting, Allameh Tabatabaei University, Expert Systems
  4. Database Design and Implementation Rapid prototyping techniques for database management systems
  5. Establish a decision support system to select and prioritize the most appropriate project delivery methods using a hierarchical research process in advanced operations
  6. Investigating the fields of application of fast trains in the field of transportation of industrial parts of mechanical assembly
    Expand and focus on fuzzy sets of fuzzy logic
  7. Quality cost management using seven tools to control the statistical process of quality control
    The role of power and politics in the management of organizations based on information technology Advanced management theories
  8. Determining the prerequisites and requirements of organizational information resource management Information resource management
  9. Prepare and set up IBM Director's User Guide
  10. IT-enabled strategy for knowledge management in organizations Strategic information systems


Undergraduate Final Projects:

  1. Internet Interactive TV Review
  2. Review and comparison of a number of methodologies for designing and developing strategic information systems
  3. Fundamental principles and concepts of strategic information systems
  4. Design and development of digital library portal
  5. Design and development of knowledge management site for the acquisition and sharing of organizational knowledge
  6. Semantic web review and implementation of digital library ontology
  7. Investigate the structure and architecture of cloud computing
  8. Use PLC tools to control organizational processes digitally
  9. Investigation of image processing methods using genetic algorithms, Viola Jones and neural networks
  10. Design and development of an e-commerce website of a sports club
  11. Use the Smarty tool to develop training automation systems
  12. Analysis and design of smart home project with project control and management tools
  13. Smart data mining using Rapid Miner tool
  14. Design of pharmacy management system with C # software
  15. Advertising and marketing of e-commerce, social commerce and mobile commerce using mobile applications
  16. Analysis and review of security methods of wireless local area networks
  17. Production of 3D game environment by Unity 3D program
  18. Designing a scientific-social research network
  19. Provide an algorithm for predicting precipitation by neural network
  20. Introduce, configure, install and run IP tables firewalls on Linux operating system
  21. Implementation of facial recognition and processing of individuals using a combination of PCA, LDA, SVM algorithms using Mathlab software
  22. Design and development of e-shop software with React tool
  23. Comparative study of intelligent equipment in eye surgery using multi-criteria decision systems
  24. Analysis and implementation of power distribution processes and creation of process management system
  25. Investigate the architecture, application and processing of big data
  26. Design and development of office transaction processing system, case study of hospital operating environment


Research Activities:

  1. Design and development of integrated decision support system for selecting the appropriate rapid prototyping technique in the automotive industry Journal of Information Technology Management-University of Tehran
  2. Evaluation of Rapid Prototyping Technologies in Horology Industry for the selection of most appropriate technology using Fuzzy AHP approach 12th International Symposium of AHP (ISAHP) -2013
  3. Presenting the Methodology of Developing Organizational Knowledge Management Strategy with the Process Approach of the First International Conference and the Seventh National Conference on Knowledge Management
  4. Presenting a Comprehensive Conceptual Model of Knowledge Management Organizational Learning Using Artificial Neural Networks Fourth International Conference on Computer and Information Technology
  5. Design and development of data mining process to acquire knowledge of rapid prototyping techniques and create an ontology to identify and select the appropriate technique First International Conference on Information Technology
  6. The effect of computer-based and web-enriched learning environments on the interaction of educational elements Journal of Educational Technology-Shahid Rajaei University
  7. A Model for Adapting Educational Organizations to Business Intelligence Requirements Journal of Smart Business Management Studies - Allameh Tabatabaei University
  8. A Comparative Study on the Adaptation of the New Social Media-Based Business Paradigm with Customers from the Perspective of Islamic Resources Journal of Religion and Communication
  9. Semantic Web Layered Analysis for Creating an Ontology of Rapid Prototyping Techniques with the Approach of Identifying and Selecting the Appropriate Technique in the Automotive Industry Journal of Soft Computing and Information Technology
  10. Critical Thinking: A Context for Promoting Ethical Education in Lifelong Learning Environments Journal of Ethics in Science and Technology
  11. Presenting the Methodology of Developing the Strategy of Organizational Adaptation of Business Intelligence Based on the Data Life Cycle of the First National Conference on Innovation in Systems Management and Information Technology with Business Intelligence Approach
  12. Presenting the Customer Adaptation Model of the Organization to the New Social Business Paradigm Based on the Consumer Analysis Cycle of the Fourth International Conference on Knowledge-Based Research in Computer Engineering and Information Technology
  13. Identification and Analysis of Processes and Establishment of Process Management System with Organizational Architecture Approach (Case Study: Kermanshah Power Distribution Company) The First Conference and National Award for Process Management and Organization Leadership
  14. A Study of Semantic Web Structure for Design and Development of Digital Library System Ontology Third International Conference on Applied Research in Computer Science and Information Technology
  15. A Comprehensive Conceptual Model of Organizational Learning Knowledge Management by Artificial Neural Networks Chemical and Process Engineering
  16. A Comprehensive Review of Electronic Readiness Assessment Models and Presentation of Electronic Readiness Assessment Methodology of Governorates Scientific-Research Journal of Information Management-Information Management Association of Information Science and Technology Research Institute
  17. A Study and Comparison of Organizational Maturity with the Strategic Planning Approach of Information Technology Using Two Methods of Maturity CMMI and ITIL Methods Journal of Information Processing and Management-Research Institute of Information Science and Technology
  18. Compilation of Strategic Information Technology Document of Kermanshah Power Distribution Company Scientific-Research Journal of Strategic Management Research
  19. The Evolution of E-Learning Readiness Assessment Models: From Digital Gap to Design Distance-Reality Journal of Educational Technology-Shahid Rajaei University
  20. Research plan 2016 Compilation of strategic document of Kermanshah Power Distribution Company with information technology approach of Kermanshah Power Distribution Company
  21. Strategic planning of information technology with organizational architecture approach of Allameh Tabatabai University
    Arbitration 1396 Journal of Educational Technology, Shahid Rajaei University
  22. Scientific Committee 2016 National Conference on Engineering Sciences, Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
  23. Scientific Committee 2018 International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research in Electrical, Computer, Mechanics and Mechatronics Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
  24. Top Researcher of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University, 2015


Attend conferences, seminars and workshops:

Third National Conference on Knowledge Management Representative of Saeiran Telecommunication Industries Company
Emerald training workshop by IIN International Company

Ninth Conference of Research and Development Centers of Industries and Mines Representative of Saeiran Telecommunication Industries Company

Introduction to the self-assessment model of defense knowledge management of the Defense Industries Educational and Research Institute

Defense knowledge management software management training course of Malek Ashtar University Management and Soft Technologies University Complex

The first international conference on knowledge management, representative of Sayyed Jamaleddin Asadabadi University
Failure Factors in KM Project International Knowledge Management Conference

An Operational Frame Work for Knowledge Prioritization International Conference on Knowledge Management

Workshop Introduction to Intelligent Systems for Processing and Analysis, Business Intelligence 4th International Conference on Information Technology, Communication and Computer Management

Cross Functional Integration of Knowledge Workshop International Knowledge Management Conference

Workshop Introduction to Process Mining, Business Process Management System (BPMS), Fourth International Conference on Information Technology, Communication and Computer Management

Teaching Experience:

E-Commerce - Management Information Systems - Database Design - Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic - Basics of Computer and Programming - Engineering Economics - Basics and Management of Information Technology - Object Oriented Analysis and Design - How to Present Scientific and Technical Content - Design and Implementation Development of programming languages-IT project-Management and control of IT projects-IT engineering-Principles of IT-Strategic management of IT-Management and strategic planning of IT-Operations research-Analysis and design of systems